Types of Membership and Applications

Regular Membership

Florida ARF regular membership is available to any organization qualifying under the provisions of the Association's Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

Regular members are entitled to vote and hold elected or appointed offices within the Association and they receive the following benefits: All publications and mailings of the Association; invitations to attend and participate in all quarterly, annual, and special meetings of the Association; invitations to attend all Association training, conferences, and seminars with special member discounts; eligibility for chairmanship of all committees; eligibility to participate as a member of all standing committees; and all other benefits of regular membership not in conflict with Association Bylaws and policies.

The dues structure shall be based on an eligible organization’s annual audited expenses of all Florida business operations using a multiplier of .002325. Dues start at a minimum of $250 and will not exceed $15,000.

Florida ARF also offers a promotional dues plan to organizations that are eligible for Regular Membership. Only new member organizations and past member organizations that have not been a member for at least three calendar years are eligible to participate in the promotional membership dues plan. Promotional members are eligible for the same benefits as Regular Members except they do not have a vote until year two of the promotional plan. The promotional plan assesses dues at one-half of the full dues amount for year one and full payment for year two.

Affiliate Membership

There are two classes of Affiliate Membership available for persons or entities that do not meet the eligibility criteria of Regular Membership: Allied Partner and Individual Membership.

  • Allied Partner

    Allied Partner affiliation is open to organizations that support the mission of Florida ARF but do not provide direct services to consumers or qualify for Regular Membership. This class of membership will have a term of one year from the beginning date of the membership agreement and will renew annually until terminated by either party upon the receipt of 30 days written notice from either party.

    Allied Partners are entitled to attend and engage in activities of the Association as described below under “Levels.” Allied Partners are not eligible to vote or hold elected or appointed office in Florida ARF. Benefits of this class of membership are detailed below by partnership levels.

    • Gold Level:  $5,000.00 - Gold Level Allied Partners will receive the following benefits from Florida ARF membership: Access to Florida ARF members during quarterly meetings; annual membership list as updated during term of membership; attendance at quarterly meetings including a display booth; guest speaker opportunities at quarterly meetings; Regular Member status relative to information distributed through the Association’s website; announcements of special events involving membership and other industry stakeholders that may be of interest to the Gold Level Allied Partner; and advertising space in the Association’s newsletter once per month; and, advertisement on the Association’s website with a front-page presence.
    • Silver Level:  $2,500.00 - Silver Level Allied Partners will receive the following benefits from Florida ARF membership: Access to Florida ARF members during quarterly meetings; annual membership list once during term of membership; opportunity to display booth at quarterly meetings; notification of special events involving membership; and advertisement once per month in the Association’s newsletter.
  • Individual Membership

    Members who fall into one of the two subcategories listed below are entitled to specified print and electronic information disseminated by the Association and attendance at selected Association sponsored events.

    • Family Member: $50.00 - Must be a consumer of services of a Florida ARF Regular Member or be a family member of a consumer of Regular Member services.
    • Professional Member: $350.00 - Must be an individual who makes a living as a professional in the industry, but who is not employed by an eligible Regular Member.