Florida ARF & FADSP Celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week


FADSP LogoDSP's Making a Difference Across Florida

As part of DSP Recognition Week, FADSP is pleased to recognize direct support professionals (DSPs) who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve.  DSPs that are making a tremendous difference across the state are:

Don Samuels - Brevard Achievement Center
Phyllis Courtney - Central Florida Communities
Edith Hicks - Central Florida Communities
Mona Joseph - Central Florida Communities
Alecia Reid - Central Florida Communities
Jamie Sherman - Central Florida Communities
Anna St. Rose - Central Florida Communities
Mirla Cuarado - Community Resource Network
Lakish Dishmond - Community Resource Network
Lucia Quintero-Fines - Community Resource Network
Jennifer Sibbles - Community Resource Network
Daphne Holley - Florida Mentor
Debbie Allwood – Key Training Center
Tara Laviolette - Key Training Center
Noeline Chery - PARC
Faith Emmert - PARC
Deb Larose - PARC
Angela Ross – PARC
Donna Hinds - Sunrise Community
Tausha Johnston - Sunrise Community
Kimberly Miller - Sunrise Community
Yessenia Palacios - Sunrise Community

Florida ARF and FADSP know that DSPs are the backbone of our service system.  Without the thousands of Direct Service Professionals in this state, the IID service system could not function.  To all DSPs in Florida, including those identified above, “Thank you” for your continued service and support of the individuals served.  To the DSPs at Brevard Achievement Center, Central Florida Communities, Community Resource Network, Florida Mentor, Key Training Center, PARC, and Sunrise Community, please know that your efforts have been acknowledged by your agency and that your contributions are truly valued!


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