Benefits of Membership


Florida ARF offers several valuable benefits to its members. Some of which are as follows:

Training & Networking

Florida ARF provides multiple education and training opportunities for rehabilitation professionals. Programs are designed to develop, improve, and expand the services member organizations provide to citizens with disabilities. In addition to quarterly conferences, workshops and forums are provided to members throughout the year.

Florida ARF works to promote a better understanding of issues involving individuals with disabilities and offers industry networking opportunities for community agency executives and staff. The Association's linkages to national and state resources place it in a position to acquire expert instructors, trainers and presenters. Members are provided the opportunity to network by participating in the following:

  • General CEO Roundtables - Provides an opportunity to exchange information pertinent to professional and individual concerns of Chief Executive Officers.
  • ICF/IID Forum - Enables residential intermediate care facility providers that serve individuals with disabilities to address issues of concern regarding the provision of residential services.
  • Employment Forum – Addresses Vocational Rehabilitation concerns and how to enhance employment options for individuals with disabilities.
  • Community Supports Forum - Advances the goals of community agencies who serve individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and assists with resolution of Medicaid Waiver issues.
  • Government Relations Forum – Provides an opportunity for the membership to craft the Association’s legislative platform and steer its legislative strategy.
  • Legal Advocacy Forum – Provides oversight and education regarding the need for legal intervention as a last resort effort.
  • RESPECT Oversight Committee - Creates an environment for the Florida ARF membership to provide direction and oversight for the RESPECT of Florida program.

Other Special Interest Forums and Ad Hoc Committee Meetings - Subgroups of the membership form ad hoc groups on an as-needed basis to ensure sufficient time and attention are focused on specialized issues. Task forces of members have been formed around Medicaid Reform, re-licensure rules, transportation, the Adult Handicapped Fund, and other “hot button” topics.

Public Policy


Florida ARF acts as the liaison between community human service provider organizations and the government agencies responsible for administration and regulation of human service programs. Significant effort is spent interacting with state governmental officials. Members are provided the opportunity to provide their input into policy decisions through the public hearings process, meetings with policy makers, and testimony at meetings.

Legislative Representation


Florida ARF effectively communicates its members’ positions to the Florida Legislature by publishing a legislative platform each year and ensures that the Legislature is educated on each issue identified by the membership. Florida ARF monitors and responds to legislation affecting member organizations and consumers. To keep members informed of pending legislation, up-to-the-minute alerts are published during the legislative session. In addition the Association’s Capitol Breaking News publication provides comprehensive information regarding the happenings of interest to the membership during legislative sessions.

Information Sharing


Florida ARF continuously identifies issues and trends of interest and expediently delivers first-hand information to its members. Through various communication channels, such as our Issues Forum Breaking News, Florida ARF provides members with breaking news, analyses of national and state legislation and regulations, as well as timely information affecting rehabilitation organizations on a routine basis. Many publications that provide timely information of a professional and business nature are available for members only.

National Advocacy and Collaboration


Florida ARF is proud to maintain strong relations with health and rehabilitation organizations, including active participation at the national and state levels. Florida ARF is the affiliated state link with the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR).


Become a Florida ARF member today and receive full member benefits! You can contact our office for further details about becoming a member via phone at 850-877-4816 or email.