Florida ARF & FADSP Celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week


FADSP LogoDSP's Making a Difference: Nancy Starks

As part of DSP Recognition Week, Florida ARF and FADSP are pleased to recognize direct support professionals (DSPs) who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve.  Nancy Starks is one of those DSPs.

Nancy is truly dedicated to the individuals she serves and knows them as if they were her own family.  She is never late to her job and has never missed a training or meeting.  Nancy treats her residents with dignity and respect.  She trains all new staff and is kind and patient.  

Nancy promotes the vision of the agency with her actions.  She advocates for those she serves and for those she works with.  Nancy will fill in as a supervisor when needed, though she has never wanted to take on the role full time or had an interest in being promoted.  She is trustworthy and dedicated to the mission of those we serve.

Nancy Starks has been an exemplary employee at PARC for 27 years.  In a field where it is hard to find consistent, dedicated staff, Nancy has given PARC, its employees, and residents exactly that.  Every day she has provided highly proficient and professional services to the residents she cares for.  

During her long career at PARC, Nancy has sometimes been asked to assume interim supervisor duties and responsibilities.  Each time, she accepted the additional responsibilities with a positive attitude and a willingness to make sure policies and procedures are adhered to while she is in the role of supervisor.  Because of her commitment to the job and high standard of quality she upholds, Nancy has garnered admiration from residents, peers, and her superiors.

As a veteran staff member, Nancy has been willing to teach and advise new staff on operating procedures for day-to-day care of our residents.  As a teacher she is persistent, thorough, and effective.  As a direct support professional, Nancy is caring, patient, and very thorough.  She also provides excellent feedback and documentation of the daily events of the residents she serves.  Nancy is a quiet leader who takes pride in the area where she works.  Even though Nancy is a woman of few words, she has been a very effective advocate for the residents of PARC.

Nancy has been a co-worker, a teacher, a supervisor, someone who listens and offers good feedback, and a friend.  She provides assistance and helpfulness to her coworkers.  Nancy is the type of employee PARC needs more of and the agency is grateful that she has been with PARC for all these years as a positive presence for both staff and residents.  PARC could not have a more solid and worthy DSP than Nancy Starks.

Thank you, Nancy for your continued service to the individuals served at PARC!


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