Florida ARF & FADSP Celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week


FADSP LogoDSP's Making a Difference: Nezrene “Nez” Ezell

As part of DSP Recognition Week, Florida ARF and FADSP are pleased to recognize direct support professionals (DSPs) who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve.  Nezrene “Nez” Ezell is one of those DSPs.

Nez has been employed with Arc Broward for 24 years.  The individuals at Arc Broward feel that Nez is a part of their lives, not just a staff member.  She has a personal relationship with each and every individual whose life she touches.  Nez is dedicated to the profession and this is seen through her graduation from the DSPATHs program.  She consistently provides support and training to the participants to help them achieve their goals.  Her relationships are based in mutual respect and kindness which provides the participants the support and security they need to grow and reach their full potential.  

Nez supports the participants of the Cornerstone Program to advocate for their own needs and desires.  She ensures that the participants are provided with the information needed to be able to make informed choices and have experiences that are meaningful to them as individuals.  

Nez actively teaches, encourages, and models healthy lifestyles.  She does this by educating participants in healthy food choices, the need for physical exercise, and the importance of properly taking medications.  Nez remains in constant contact with the nursing staff to ensure that all individuals receive necessary medical care and the follow up needed to remain in optimum health.

Nez takes her role in the lives of individuals very seriously.  She understands and respects the level of responsibility she has as a DSP and welcomes the opportunity to teach and support the individuals she serves, and she does this with the highest level of integrity.  Nez ensures that information pertaining to the individuals she serves remains confidential.  She takes advantage of the continuous training provided by Arc Broward in regard to HIPAA guidelines and also ensures that participants are aware of their right to confidentiality and privacy, and she empowers them to exercise that right and request privacy when they desire it.

Nez is fair, just, and treats all participants and coworkers with dignity and respect.  This is an area in which Nez excels.  She values all roles in the individuals’ lives and tries to bring out the best in all around her.  She is always respectful and professional.  Nez is trusted, confided in, respected, appreciated, and is an extraordinary role model to those around her.  She is who she is and does all that she does with a humble spirit and strong desire to learn and grow.

Nez takes pride in her ability to build and maintain skills.  Once taught, Nez is determined to do things the correct way.  She takes initiative and is driven to grow and develop new skills.  Nez seeks out new learning opportunities for herself and for the individuals that she supports.

Not only is Nez a strong advocate for those she serves but she teaches the individuals how to advocate for themselves.  Teaching self-advocacy to the individuals is one of the most valuable skills individuals can learn in order to assure they are in charge of their own lives.  Nez has received several awards from Arc Broward recognizing her commitment to the agency’s core values.

Thank you, Nez, for your continued service to the individuals served at Arc Broward!


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